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Customised Self-Hypnosis

Made with you in mind

Your brain is the power behind every thought, feeling and decision you make. Customised hypnosis helps you condition your thinking through tailored suggestions that builds stronger neuropathways in your brain for the positive changes you desire.

Unlock Your True Potential with
Customised Self-Hypnosis

You Are Unique.
Customised Self-Hypnosis Is Tailored for Specific Goals

Harness Your Powerful Subconscious Mind

Relaxing guided hypnosis works with your subconscious, the part of your mind which truly controls your feelings, behaviours & habits.

Includes Proven Clinical Techniques

Access the best therapeutic techniques used in clinical hypnosis from a real experienced clinical hypnotherapist.

Unique and Tailored Just for You

Your hypnosis is tailored for your specific needs to create new and strong neuropathways in your brain for the positive change you desire.

Listen in
Your Own Time

Choosing the best time to listen and focus around your schedule, without the need to commit to therapy sessions.

Targets Your Specific Issue & Goals

For best results, we understand you and your personality to create hypnosis that truly works for you and your preferences.


Access additional resources to help you maximise your results and boost your mindset to use along side your customised hypnosis.

Ready For Change?

With your commitment to the process, change can happen quickly, so don’t be surprised if you begin to notice small changes such as deeper sleep, the ability to relax more easily, more optimism, greater self-esteem. When you practice self-hypnosis you’re training your mind. The more you use it, the deeper it works.

How It Works

Step 1.
Understanding Your Needs and Goals

We begin with a consultation online to fully understand your specific challenges, goals and background. As we talk I gather everything I need from you to create your customised hypnosis audio that works with specially for you and your goals.

Step 2.
Creating Your Personalised Hypnosis Audio

Your customised self-hypnosis audio is written and recorded with suggestions and metaphors created for your needs and preferences with relaxing and calming music. Your audio is sent via secure transfer with everything you need to get started straightaway.

Step 3.
Relax, Listen
And Repeat

Download and start listening to your customised hypnosis, we recommend listening each night at bedtime. Change happens with practice and repetition so with your commitment, begin noticing positive changes in your thoughts, actions and behaviours.

Reviews From Recent Clients

How Does Self Hypnosis Work?

What issues and conditions can self-hypnosis help with?

Self-hypnosis can help with many issues from improving sleep, boosting confidence and self esteem, relieving anxiety, dealing with chronic stress, and can even help ease physical ailments such as chronic pain and high blood pressure. It can also be used to increase focus and concentration, relieving procrastination and improving motivation.

Will self-hypnosis work for me?

Self-hypnosis recordings help you relax and make positive changes in your life. They combine soothing music and a calm voice to guide you into a state of focused attention called trance. In this state, you are deeply relaxed and your mind becomes more open and receptive to positive suggestions.

Trance is beneficial because it helps bypass your overthinking and critical thoughts. It allows the suggestions to go directly to your subconscious mind, which is where your beliefs and habits reside. By listening to self-hypnosis recordings regularly, you can condition your thinking and change negative thought patterns and behaviors, replacing them with more positive ones.

Self hypnosis audios and recordings also help you relax deeply. They create a sense of peace and calm, which can reduce stress and promote overall well-being. It's like giving yourself a mental and emotional break. And, with practice and repetition, self hypnosis can create lasting change by helping you build new pathways in your brain, making positive thoughts and behaviors more automatic and natural.

Is it okay to use hypnosis recordings without seeking support from a therapist?

Hypnosis audios and recordings are very helpful tools, but they are not a substitute for professional treatment or therapy. If you have any mental health issues or are considering using hypnosis recordings, it is important to seek out medical advice first. If you are receiving medical treatment or other therapies, hypnosis audios and recording are a great complementary support rather than a replacement.

Can I fall asleep while listening to self hypnosis?

Yes, it is possible to fall asleep while listening to self hypnosis, and if you do fall asleep whilst listening to hypnosis it will still be beneficial. Hypnosis usually begins with some guided relaxation to induce a state of deep relaxed focused attention, which can lead to sleepiness. Whilst it is generally better if you do not fall asleep when listening, hypnosis is a natural bridge to sleep. If you continuously fall deeply asleep whilst listening, you may find it useful to listen sitting in a comfortable chair or a more upright position. Don't worry if you do fall asleep because the subconscious mind is always listening and never sleeps, so as you continue to build the habit of listening, it will be beneficial, and here's why:

During the early stages of sleep your brain continues to hear information and it will be processed preparing a response and helping you to make decisions whilst you sleep. The positive suggestions provided in self hypnosis, by-pass your conscious critical mind, so that the subconscious mind can accept a different new or more useful idea - which it will only do if it is an idea that is distinctly beneficial to, required by, and accepted by you.

Your subconscious mind is most active when you sleep, so if the last thing you're consciously aware of is positive for your self-development, it will help you condition your thinking to focus on those changes you desire. Repeating the process creates stronger neuropathways in your brain for the positive outcomes you want. Whilst helping to weaken the neuropathways associated with your unwanted habits or behaviors.

How often should I listen to hypnosis?

Begin by listening daily for the first week consistently, and this is important, because repetition is the key to success when it comes to conditioning your thinking and building new habits of thought through self-hypnosis. After the first week, you may choose to every other day for a further three weeks and then after that just as often as you feel you need to. Each time you listen you will benefit from the relaxation hypnosis provides whilst strengthening and reinforce the positive suggestions in your subconscious mind. Remember, please do not listen if you are driving, operating machinery, or doing anything that requires your full conscious attention.

How long does it take for hypnosis to start working?

The time it takes for self-hypnosis to start working can vary from person to person, because everyone is different in terms of their emotions and experience. For some people positive changes can happen after just a few days of listening to self hypnosis. You might feel more relaxed, less stressed, or more focused.

Over time, self hypnosis can even lead to behavior changes and new thought patterns. When you hear the positive suggestions over and over, it helps reinforce those messages in your subconscious mind, until it becomes a natural part of your behaviour. On average it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a new habit, and everyone is unique, so the time it takes to develop changes and new habits may differ. After the first week, you may choose to every other day for a further three weeks and then after that just as often as you feel you need to.

Think of it like learning a new skill or practicing a sport. The more you practice, the more you develop muscle memory and improve your performance. Similarly, repeating positive suggestions during self-hypnosis helps strengthen neural pathways associated with those thoughts, making them more ingrained in your thinking patterns.

Each time you listen, the deeper it works, you give yourself the opportunity to reinforce the desired mindset or behavior you are seeking to develop. Consistency is key when it comes to forming new habits. Over time, the repetitive nature of self-hypnosis helps to reshape your thought patterns, making them more automatic and natural.

What's the difference between self hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Self hypnosis and hypnotherapy are two different ways to use hypnosis for personal improvement and positive change. With self hypnosis, you use your customsied audio which will guide you into a hypnotic state as you listen. It's great for self improvement, relaxation and working towards personal goals. On the other hand, hypnotherapy involves working with a trained hypnotherapist who leads your session and in my practice combines solution focused talking therapy and elements of CBT with a period of hypnosis based on our discussions and solutions helping clients overcome specific mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, depression and panic disorder etc.

The key difference is that when you use customsied self-hypnosis audios, it puts you in control, allowing you to explore and change on your own. Hypnotherapy, on the other hand, involves the guidance of a professional who uses their expertise to support you in achieving your goals.

Both approaches can be beneficial, so the choice depends on your preferences and the level of support you desire. Both options can help you tap into the power of your subconscious mind for positive change and personal growth and during your consultation, we'll take time to understand the best approach for you and your needs.

Can I access private hypnotherapy sessions with you?

Yes, I currently offer one to one Solution Focused Hypnotherapy session via Zoom to clients world wide. Hypnotherapy is tailored to your needs and combines talking therapy with hypnosis to create the long-lasting solutions you need both consciously and subconsciously. Book your free initial chat to find out which is the best approach for you.

Meet Andrew Major

Your Solution Focused Hypnotherapist HPD | DSFH

I understand how the issues of stress and anxiety can creep up and affect your life. My own journey has had its ups and downs which became the catalyst that led me to invest in myself and train to become a professional therapist to help others transform their mental wellbeing. So, I understand you need support from someone that listens and cares.

Today, I'm an experienced professional and qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and I'm passionate about my work. I've helped hundreds of clients like you around the world transform their life by using a powerful combination of solution focused psychotherapy with hypnosis, creating lasting and positive changes to their life so the can reach their true potential.

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