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What are the benefits of practicing relaxation?

Practicing relaxation is a good way to manage your stress. Just 10 minutes of relaxation each day can give your mindset a boost. When you relax, it helps calm your mind which aids positive thinking, concentration, memory and decision making. As you relax your heart rate slows, reducing your blood pressure and relieving tension. Relaxation also aids digestion because you absorb essential nutrients more efficiently when you’re relaxed. I can help you relax deeply in ten minutes when you download and listen to my free guided self hypnosis.

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Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Calm your busy mind
  • Allow your cares to fade away
  • Reset your mindset and gain more clarity
  • Feel fully relaxed and recharged

How does guided self hypnosis work?

My self hypnosis downloads work by using guided relaxation techniques to take you into a deeply relaxed state, to a place of tranquillity and peace by asking you to imagine certain things where you are more receptive to positive suggestions to help create the changes you are looking for whilst bringing your mind and body back into balance as you relax.

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