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Does Online Hypnotherapy Work?

Online Hypnotherapy works in an effective and safe way, allowing you to access therapy sessions from your location anywhere in the world. As an experienced hypnotherapist, my therapy sessions are tailored to your specific needs and situation, exactly as they would be in-person. You simply need a private space to talk with a reliable Wi-Fi connection to start online hypnotherapy. Interestingly, a number of studies back this up, showing clients achieve the same results as in-person sessions, which is reflected in the online therapy reviews from my recent clients.

It’s no surprise that online therapy is now becoming the preferred choice for many given the convenience and ease of accessing support.

What conditions can online hypnotherapy help with?

Online Hypnotherapy can help you overcome many conditions often caused by or made worse by rising stress and anxiety, for example generalised anxiety disorder, the impact of chronic stress, panic attacks, anger, fears, confidence issues, low self-esteem, low mood and the symptoms of depression. Online hypnotherapy also can help you change unwanted behaviours, habits and beliefs.

Choosing online hypnotherapy puts you in control and gives you the choice and ability to work with the best therapist for your needs, without need to travel or being restricted to the hypnotherapists in your local town or city. And, because hypnotherapy can help you with a broad range of challenges and conditions related to some level of ongoing anxiety, stress or trauma, you can now access the best and most effective support online with a therapist that you feel is a good fit and has the right experience to support you.

You’re Not Alone. Change Starts Here.

Online hypnotherapy can help you overcome many of the common mental health conditions made worse by or caused by some level of ongoing anxiety, stress or trauma.

What Can I Help You With?

What are the benefits of online Hypnotherapy?

Online therapy is becoming the preferred choice for many people given the obvious benefits of convenience and scheduling flexibility, but there are more several more surprising and unique benefits of choosing online therapy, which you might be missing out on if you choose to opt for traditional in person sessions, lets take a look:


Easily connect and access hypnotherapy from home or anywhere with an internet connection and for regular therapy sessions, your can continue whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure.

Safe and Effective

Hypnotherapy Sessions online via Zoom are safe and secure thanks to the security and in-meeting security capabilities provided by Zoom. Each hypnotherapy session you attend will have a unique link for that session.


Sessions can be scheduled at times that suit your comfort and routine making the session more effective as you begin in a more relaxed state of mind.

Save Time

You won’t lose precious time travelling to appointments or trying to park in busy towns. Online hypnotherapy allows you to easily integrate sessions into your daily schedule without having to leave your location.

A comfortable space

Being in your own home or a place which is comfortable and familiar is beneficial because it can help you feel at ease talking about your situation and it also means you be more relaxed during hypnosis which enhances the benefits of the positive suggestions being offered.

Preparation Time

Online hypnotherapy can give you the time to feel prepared for the session, allowing you to begin in a calmer state of mind and getting comfortable in your space which adds to the benefits of talking and hypnosis.

Quieter space

You have more control over your environment, for example some people are able to eliminate distracting background noise more easily at home, rather than having to deal with often busy and noisy therapy rooms.

Access to Specialised Therapists

If you're seeking a hypnotherapist with specialised expertise and they are not available locally, online therapy means you can access a broader range of specialists and choose someone you feel comfortable working with.

Online Hypnotherapy Reviews

How does Hypnotherapy work online on Zoom?

Using Zoom for online hypnotherapy sessions couldn’t be easier. Once we’ve agreed a time for your session, you’ll just need a reliable internet connection and a quiet comfortable place to relax. You’ll receive a unique Zoom meeting link for each session which is safe and secure and only you will have access to it.

I practice solution focused hypnotherapy online and this simply means during each session we combine solution focused talk therapy with hypnosis to help you overcome your issues. It’s a powerful process because we work together to find solutions to create the changes you need one step at a time. We draw a line under the past and move forward and focus on how you want things to be, because thinking and talking about your life in a positive way helps rewire your brain, and helps to build new, healthier patterns of thought and behaviour which means you'll be less likely to dwell on things in life, breaking the often-debilitating cycle of negative thinking.

During the second half of the session you relax and we use hypnosis. I’ll ask you to get comfortable and you’ll be guided you into a state of focused attention where your mind is more responsive to suggestions. As you listen, you’ll be asked to imagine certain things which produces a hyper-relaxed state of focus engaging your subconscious mind which is then more responsive to suggestions, over time it allows you to begin building new, more constructive neural pathways in your brain, to help you think and behave more positively.

As with anything, creating lasting positive change requires some practice and repetition, so you’ll often need a number of hypnotherapy sessions to create the change you’re looking for.

Whats the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy YouTube cover

Can hypnosis work online?

Yes, hypnosis if very effective online, because for hypnosis to work, you don’t need to be in the same physical room with your hypnotherapist. Hypnosis (or being in a state of trance), happens when you have a quiet comfortable space where you can fully relax and listen as you’re guided into a deeply relaxed state of focused attention. All you need to do is be comfortable and listen to the words being spoken, and using headphones can help you feel fully immersed in the suggestions being made too.

During hypnosis sessions online, or indeed if you’re using self-hypnosis, the hypnosis (or trance), state is encouraged by asking you to think about or imagine certain things as you relax with your eyes closed. This helps you relax you mind and body and importantly you remain in control throughout. If you feel the suggestions being made are useful, they will be accepted by your subconscious mind. During hypnosis, you may find your mind wandering quite a bit, but that doesn't matter and is actually quite normal, all you need to do is relax and listen.

What happens in the brain during hypnosis online?

As you relax into hypnosis your brainwave patterns start to change, the dominant brainwave frequency shifts from the beta state (associated with wakefulness and active thinking) to the alpha and theta states. As you drift deeper into trance, theta brainwaves become more dominant, and they are often associated with deep relaxation, daydreaming, creativity, and a sense of internal focus. As this happens, you’re likely to be more open to suggestions and experience the benefits of stress reduction, and a stronger mind-body connection.

Everything you listen to during hypnosis is designed to bring about positive changes by helping you change your thought patterns. Sometimes the suggestions are very metaphorical and gentle, other can be more direct, but you decide what is useful and reject anything that isn’t.

Hypnosis works when you’re in a nice, relaxed trance state, because the suggestions by-pass your conscious critical faculty which means you are more likely to take on board new suggestions and useful ideas without the noise and chatter of your conscious mind being prevalent. Allowing you to more easily access or ‘hear’ the suggestions and solutions that rise up from your subconscious, helping you to deal with the things that have come up therapy without the previous negative thought patterns that keep you stuck.

How long does it take for hypnosis to work?

Hypnosis requires practice and repetition to be effective. When hypnosis is included in hypnotherapy sessions, you will typically require several sessions to help you overcome unwanted conditions and challenges, such as anxiety, or panic, but it’s common to begin noticing some positive changes quickly, even after the first session. The reason hypnosis requires repetition, whether you’re doing self-hypnosis, or working with a hypnotherapist, is because it helps you reshape the way your mind thinks and reacts gradually. Think of it like learning a new skill – just as you wouldn't become an expert after one practice, your mind needs time and repetition to make lasting changes, you experience neuroplasticity.

Now it’s important to point out that changes happen differently for everyone in therapy, because we’re all very different, on average my clients typically have 8 - 12 sessions for anxiety and stress related issues initially and then some choose to continue a little longer with one or two sessions per month as needed, but we'll understand how many sessions it's likely to take during your initial consultation.

Is online hypnotherapy right for me?

Online hypnotherapy can be a suitable option if convenience is important, especially if you prefer the flexibility of receiving therapy from the comfort of your own space, without the need to travel, but ultimately, only you can decide if online hypnotherapy is the right option for you, so taking time to make an informed choice can make a real difference to the benefit you receive from your sessions and your investment online.

Here are 5 important things to consider before you begin online hypnotherapy:

1. Comfort in Familiar Surroundings: Being in a familiar environment during hypnotherapy like your own home or office can enhance your levels of relaxation and receptivity to the therapeutic process, which contributes to the effectiveness of the session too.

2. Are you tech-savvy? If you are already comfortable using video platforms like Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp and you have a reliable internet connection, online hypnotherapy will be easy and natural to navigate, just make sure you have a quiet, private space to talk.

3. Geographic accessibility: Online hypnotherapy opens up more choice when it comes to choosing a therapist because you are no longer restricted to practices which are based in your local area. It means that you’ll be more likely to find a professional full time hypnotherapist that has the right level of experience to help you.

4. Anonymity and Privacy Concerns: If privacy is a priority for you, online sessions can provide a certain level of anonymity, as you can choose a location where you feel secure and confidential conversations are less likely to be overheard.

5. Do you feel a connection? Finally, when it comes to deciding if online hypnotherapy is right for you, then it’s a good idea to make sure you feel comfortable with your therapist despite the virtual setting. I like to offer clients a free initial chat online via Zoom, because it gives us both a chance to meet briefly, answer questions and decide if online hypnotherapy is the best approach, and this all helps you make an informed choice about online therapy sessions.

How to get best results from online hypnotherapy

If you’re considering online hypnotherapy or beginning any type of talk therapy online, there are several things that you can do that will help online sessions run smoothly so you can get the very best support from each session and maximise the positive benefits of online therapy. The thing to remember with online hypnotherapy is that there are some differences from an in-person meeting. Whilst the actual therapeutic techniques might not change, the way things work will, so it’s a good idea to be prepared.

Here are 5 things that will help you get the best results from online hypnotherapy:

1. Choose a hypnotherapist that you feel truly comfortable with, one that you can build good rapport and feel at ease whilst talking, this will enhance the therapeutic alliance. The best way to make a decision is to organise an initial chat without commitment, it allows you to briefly explain what you want help with, ask questions and decide it the therapist is a good fit for you. I like to offer a free initial chat by phone or via Zoom, to ensure hypnotherapy is the best approach for my clients and ensure we both feel comfortable in working together.

2. A reliable internet connection may sound obvious, but it’s an important consideration if you decide to have online hypnotherapy. A strong and stable internet connection allows the conversation to flow without interruption and helps you focus more easily on what’s being discussed without worry, and this means you’ll remain more relaxed throughout the talking therapy and during hypnosis session which adds to the overall effectiveness of the session.

3. Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. You can just use your computer audio or headphones, either is fine, however wearing headphones will ensure you have complete privacy during your session and it also helps you feel fully immersed when it’s time to relax and listen to the hypnosis.

4. Be comfortable, have a comfortable place to sit or lie down, as well as space to move if you need to. During hypnosis your hypnotherapist will need to see your head and shoulders to monitor your progress and being comfortable and relaxed is very important to effectiveness of hypnosis and depth of trance.

5. Allow time to prepare before you begin. Just simply having a few minutes to feel ready and relaxed before your appointment allows you to begin feeling mentally prepared without feeling rushed and flustered. Likewise, try and allow yourself five or ten minutes after each session to reflect instead of rushing off to the next thing. A little time before and after each session will just allow you to get the most out of session.

I’m here to help

Andrew Major, Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist HPD | DSFH

I understand how the issues of stress and anxiety can creep up and affect your life. My own journey has had its ups and downs which became the catalyst that led me to invest in myself and train to become a professional therapist to help others transform their mental wellbeing. So, I understand you need support from someone that listens and cares.

Today, I'm an experienced professional and qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and I'm passionate about my work. I've helped hundreds of clients like you around the world transform their life, using a powerful combination of solution focused psychotherapy with hypnosis, creating lasting and positive changes so they can live life to the full. If you’re ready for change, I’d love to help you too.

Are you ready to get started?

With the right support change is possible. Hypnotherapy is tailored to your needs and combines talking therapy with hypnosis to create the long-lasting solutions and change you need. Here's how it works:


It's FREE and we use this time to see if we're a good fit, answer your questions and ensure hypnotherapy is the best approach to achieve your results.


Together we explore your needs and create a personalised treatment plan to achieve the changes you are looking for and we'll get started with individual sessions.


No more living with Anxiety and Stress, as you take control of your thoughts, you gain control over your feelings, actions and behaviours so you live life to the full.

12 Questions to ask your new online therapist

Before you begin online therapy, it’s important to ask questions that give you the answers and reassurance that online therapy is the best approach for your needs, and that you feel comfortable and at ease with your potential therapist, because you’ll likely be working together for a number of sessions.

What are the best questions to ask an online hypnotherapist?

  1. Therapeutic Approach: Could you explain your therapeutic approach or modality, giving me an understanding of how each session typically unfolds?
  2. Tailoring to Client Needs: How do you customize your approach to address the specific needs of your clients?
  3. Online Experience: How long have you been practicing as an online therapist, and do you have experience working with clients who share similar concerns or issues as mine?
  4. Confidentiality and Security: What measures will you implement to ensure confidentiality during our online therapy sessions? Do you use secure and encrypted communication methods?
  5. Availability and Scheduling: What is your availability, and how flexible are your scheduling options for online sessions?
  6. Fees and Payment: Could you provide details on your fees and the payment process for online sessions?
  7. Cancellation Policy: What is your cancellation policy specifically for online hypnotherapy sessions?
  8. Client Testimonials: Is it possible to read testimonials or reviews from your previous clients?
  9. Technical Requirements: Are there specific technical requirements or recommendations I should be aware of for our online sessions?
  10. Technical Issues: What is the protocol if technical issues arise during a session, and how are they typically addressed?
  11. Communication Between Sessions: What can I expect in terms of communication or support between our scheduled sessions?
  12. Wi-Fi Connection Loss: If we happen to lose Wi-Fi connection during a session, how would we handle the situation?

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Hypnotherapy

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a simple and easy to use video communication platform that allows you to connect and meet other people virtually online using a supported device such as your laptop or phone. It is safe and secure platform well suited to online therapy and it allows therapist to share on screen information and play background music during relaxation and hypnosis.

Can Hypnotherapy be Done Online?

Yes, hypnotherapy can be successfully conducted online. With advancements in technology and the accessibility of video conferencing platforms like Zoom, virtual hypnotherapy sessions provide a convenient and flexible alternative to in-person sessions. Many clients find the online format comfortable and far more convenient for achieving positive change.

How do I join a Zoom meeting?

To join a Zoom meeting, open your appointment email which will contain a unique link for your session. Find the Zoom meeting link and click it. Click Allow if you are prompted to open Zoom.

How long does online hypnotherapy last?

Online hypnotherapy sessions are approximately 60 mins, typically each session involves 20 to 30 minutes of talking therapy and the remaining time is when hypnosis is used.

What if there are technical issues during an online hypnotherapy session?

Before we begin each session, we will agree what do to if we become disconnected. For example, if connection is not automatically restored after a few moments, we can continue the session via phone until internet connection is restored. If we become disconnected during trance, suggestions are normally provided as we begin the process such as ‘if at any point we lose connection, and you become aware that I am no longer speaking with you, you will automatically open your eyes and re-establish the connection’. It is very rare this will actually be required, but if it does it won’t cause any issues with the effectiveness of the session.

Do I need to have Zoom installed to join a meeting?

You don’t need a Zoom account to join meetings as a participant, so that means when you receive your Zoom link, you can join without creating or signing into an account. However, if you do decide to create your own Zoom account, it allows you to create and host your own meetings, invite others to join your meetings, and update your personal settings. You can also download Zoom for free from their website and you’ll find other methods of joining a Zoom meeting in their support pages.

Will Hypnotherapy Online Work for Me?

Online hypnotherapy is a versatile and effective option and it is just as effective as in-person sessions, offering the same level of personalised care and therapeutic benefits. The key is finding a professionally trained and experienced online hypnotherapist who can tailor the sessions to your specific needs and goals.

Is Online Hypnotherapy Safe?

Online hypnotherapy sessions are approximately 60 mins, typically each session involves 20 to 30 minutes of talking therapy and the remaining time is when hypnosis is used.

Are there side effects of having hypnosis online?

Generally, the side effects of hypnosis online are positive, because hypnosis itself helps to calm your mind and body, engaging the relaxation response. Hypnosis is not suitable if you have severe mental health disorders such as chronic depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia and psychotic symptoms and you should explore other treatment options with your heath care provider, Doctor or Psychiatrist.

What equipment do I need to access a hypnotherapy session online via Zoom?

It’s easy to access hypnotherapy session online via Zoom, most devices already have everything you need to connect with your therapist – here’s a checklist of what you need:

  • Computer, laptop or compatible device such as your phone or tablet
  • Webcam or integrated camera
  • Microphone
  • A stable and reliable internet connection Headphones


During this call we will:

  • Talk about the problems you're experiencing
  • Explain how to overcome them
  • Tell you how hypnotherapy actually works
  • Explain the best treatments options
  • Answer all of your questions

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