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Hypnotherapy for Anger

Anger usually happens as a result of feeling frustrated, insulted or deceived, or even feeling under attack. It triggers a physical reaction in your body and your mind becomes focused on these potential threats. Adrenaline and stress hormones are pumped around your body, and you respond by getting ready to fight or run. For some people these feelings soon pass, however, for some it can become a difficult emotion to control. Failing to manage anger effectively can lead to mental and physical health problems. You may find your anger management issues are affecting your relationships, your work or even your self-esteem.

What is Anger?

Anger is an emotion created by our body's 'flight or fight' system as s response to the perception that is under threat. This may be a physical threat, but may also be due to many other causes, such as feeling embarrassed, deceived or mistreated. It's a very natural reaction to the frustrations of life and can be very helpful - it gives us an energy boost to face down these threats and stop them from developing further, and can also initiate change. However, the anger reaction is only intended to be used in short bursts, to cope with immediate hazards. When we become trapped in a cycle of anger, reacting this way to every irritation or challenge that comes our way, our health and relationships can suffer.

How does Anger affect you?

Of course, anger isn't just mental. It can also trigger a lot of physical reactions in us, and you might experience some or all of them whenever you get angry. These reactions include:

  • Faster heartbeat
  • Tightness in your chest
  • Increase in temperature
  • Feeling tense or nervous
  • Getting irritated easily
  • Feeling humiliated and/or resenting other people
  • Shouting
  • Starting fights or breaking things
  • Self-harming

How can Hypnotherapy help with Anger?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you take control of your negative thoughts and support you in developing more effective coping strategies. We'll work together to find solutions that help you react to situations in more appropriate and beneficial ways for your wellbeing. During hypnosis I'll use guided imagery to consolidate this work by building positive behavioural templates, and rehearse remaining calm in situations which have previously caused anger. This will help you to manage your emotional states, increasing your confidence and self-worth.

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Meet Andrew Major

Your Solution Focused Hypnotherapist HPD | DSFH

I understand how the issues of the stress and anxiety can creep up and affect your life. My own journey has had its ups and downs which became the catalyst that led me to invest in myself and train to become a professional therapist to help others transform their mental wellbeing. So, I understand you need support from someone that listens and cares.

Today, I'm an experienced professional and qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and I'm passionate about my work. I've helped hundreds of clients like you around the world transform their life by using a powerful combination of solution focused psychotherapy with hypnosis, creating lasting and positive changes to their life so they can reach their true potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Online Hypnotherapy work for anger?

Online hypnotherapy is very effective for anxiety related conditions. In fact, some people prefer working online with their therapist because they are more relaxed and comfortable in their own space or home. Also, there is no need to travel to see your therapists because online hypnotherapy is just as effective as working face to face. You also have flexibility because our sessions can take place wherever you are in the world via Zoom, and I often work with clients based in the US, Europe and around the world from my UK practice.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works for anxiety by combining positive talking therapy and coaching with hypnosis. During the first half of the session, we talk and avoid past problems, and instead focus on the future. You're encouraged to think and express yourself in a positive way which helps you to reduce your anxiety. Because hypnotherapy is a brain-based therapy, you'll also learn how the brain works in relation to your issues, but importantly what can be done to help you make changes to stop the cycle of anxiety so you can regain control and feel better.

Hypnosis reduces anxiety by using guided relaxation techniques to calm your body and mind. As you listen to your therapist, you will be guided into a relaxed state of focused attention by asking you to imagine certain things. Positive suggestions are made to help you make changes subconsciously by encouraging a shift in perspective. It allows your mind to reflect on the ideas and solutions discussed during our session to understand how they can help you.

What happens at an initial consultation?

The initial consultation and assessment is one of the most important sessions, the beginning of real focus and change. Together we'll explore what you want to achieve and how many sessions may be required. I'll explain how hypnotherapy works and I'll briefly explore how the mind works in relation to your issues and how if you're willing to make changes, hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goals. You'll also receive a complimentary guided hypnotic relaxation audio track to listen to at home which sets the wheels in motion for your subsequent sessions.

If you have any queries or questions about Hypnotherapy?


With the right support change is possible. Hypnotherapy is tailored to your needs and combines talking therapy with hypnosis to create the long-lasting solutions and change you need. Here's how it works:


It's FREE and we use this time to see if we're a good fit, answer your questions and ensure hypnotherapy is the best approach to achieve your results.


Together we explore your needs and create a personalised treatment plan to achieve the changes you are looking for and we'll get started with individual sessions.


No more living with Anxiety and Stress, as you take control of your thoughts, you gain control over your feelings, actions and behaviours so you live life to the full.



During this call we will:

  • Talk about the problems you're experiencing
  • Explain how to overcome them
  • Tell you how hypnotherapy actually works
  • Explain the best treatments options
  • Answer all of your questions

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