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procrastination Articles

Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing tasks and responsibilities. It is linked to anxiety because the avoidance of tasks can create a sense of impending stress and unease. Procrastination can negatively affect mental well-being by increasing stress levels, generating guilt and frustration, and reducing a sense of accomplishment. Chronic procrastination can lead to heightened anxiety, decreased self-esteem, and even contribute to mental health issues, making it important to address and manage this behaviour for overall emotional and psychological well-being.

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Can hypnotherapy help you stop procrastinating?

How does hypnotherapy help stop procrastination? What is procrastination? Have you ever found yourself asking, 'why do I procrastinate so much?' or 'why do I keep putting things off even though I have so much to do?' Procrastinating is one of those things

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Sleep and Weight Loss - Are They Connected?

Sleepless nights can be a major contributing factor to being overweight! Unfortunately over half of UK adults only get around 6 hours of sleep a night and can be a huge concern for many. In this blog, I explain the sleepless chain reaction and how g

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The Shocking Truth About Entrepreneurial Mental Health

When you look at a successful entrepreneur, you probably think they've got everything together? The truth is, that often isn't the case. I think it's time we were honest about how brutal building your own business can really be, and why mental health is t

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6 Ways Hypnotherapy Helps Business Owners Succeed

Running a business and working to grow and expand your enterprise can be very stressful and leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious. In this article, I explain the ways hypnotherapy can make a huge difference to not only your quality of life and work.

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Overcoming Your Fear of Success

Have your ever felt like you've somehow got to where you are in life by accident and at somepoint someone will ask you what are you doing here? This is a more common feeling than you think, known as Imposter Syndrome which is reported to effect 7 out of 1

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