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depression Articles

Depression is a mental health disorder characterised by persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and a lack of interest or pleasure in activities. It can impact one's mental well-being profoundly by causing emotional distress, affecting daily functioning, and impairing relationships. Symptoms may include changes in sleep and appetite, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and even thoughts of self-harm or suicide. Depression can significantly reduce the quality of life and, if left untreated, can lead to serious consequences. Effective treatment, including therapy and medication, can help manage depression and improve mental well-being.

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How to overcome your Insomnia and start sleeping

A rough night's sleep can have a huge effect on both your mental and physical functioning throughout the day. If you are continuous struggling to sleep, it can lead to burn out and cause further issues for your mental health. Read how hypnotherapy could h

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Five ways to break the cycle of depression and give yourself a boost

Five ways to break the cycle of depression and give yourself a boost Every now and then, we all feel low, often it passes quickly, and we get back to our normal routines. However, for some a low mood can last a long time, leaving you

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Sleep well, it's good for your health

Sleep well, it's good for your health Sleep affects every aspect of our lives and a good night's sleep helps us feel better, more energetic, alert and more motivated the next day. If you've ever had the odd night of interrupted sleep or a few late

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The Shocking Truth About Entrepreneurial Mental Health

When you look at a successful entrepreneur, you probably think they've got everything together? The truth is, that often isn't the case. I think it's time we were honest about how brutal building your own business can really be, and why mental health is t

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6 Ways Hypnotherapy Helps Business Owners Succeed

Running a business and working to grow and expand your enterprise can be very stressful and leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious. In this article, I explain the ways hypnotherapy can make a huge difference to not only your quality of life and work.

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How To Overcome Social Anxiety

Do you get anxious or worried about social situations? Has the pandemic lead you to avoid socialising with colleagues? You may be suffering social anxiety. Although it is a common condition that most experience, left untreated can cause later life mental

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What Has COVID Done To Our Brains?

We are all aware of the vast impact that the Coronavirus had on our work and home lives but now with restrictions lifted, what has the pandemic done to our brains. After the very unusual past two years, do you feel different? In this article I will take y

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4 Ways Anger Can Impact Your Life

Anger is a very common emotion that all of us experience at some point as a response to threat or situation where you feel wronged. However, anger can have a huge impact on your life if it is a reoccurring emotion to even the smallest of triggers.

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The Rise of Online Therapy: A Powerful Solution for Modern Mental Health

As our lives become increasingly connected through technology, the accessibility and convenience of seeking mental health assistance online have grown exponentially. And with all the challenges and uncertainties of the modern world, more and more people

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