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I understand what it's like to feel the ongoing cycle of constant worry and negative thinking, it leaves you feeling overwhelmed, tense and unable to sleep.

It takes away your confidence leaving you frustrated and exhausted that you can't do the things you want to do as you worry about the future. It's miserable.

You shouldn't have to struggle when change is possible. I've helped many clients recover and transform their life by giving them back their peaceful, calm, confident and 'in control' state of mind so they can live life to the full.

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Online Hypnotherapy gives you the power and flexibility to choose the best hypnotherapist without being limited to your local area. After years of experience supporting clients online with anxiety disorders, stress, depression and more, I know from their results that it’s an effective and safe way to access professional therapy.

Numerous studies back this up, showing clients achieve the same results as in-person sessions, making online therapy a preferred choice for its convenience and ease of accessing support. If you're ready for change, explore how online hypnotherapy with Andrew can work for your specific needs and goals.


"I believe no-one should have to struggle with Anxiety and Stress. You deserve to live life to the full.

- Andrew Major

What can hypnotherapy help you with?

Hypnotherapy is an effective approach when you’re struggling with many conditions and symptoms that are created or made worse by levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. Hypnotherapy is also a fantastic therapy for improving sleep issues, persistent pain, and can help achieve greater motivation, confidence and self-esteem. Watch the video to learn more about the benefits of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

Andrew explaining common questions related to hypnotherapy

Meet Andrew Major

Your Solution Focused Hypnotherapist HPD | DSFH

I understand how the issues of stress and anxiety can creep up and affect your life. My own journey has had its ups and downs which became the catalyst that led me to invest in myself and train to become a professional therapist to help others transform their mental wellbeing. So, I understand you need support from someone that listens and cares.

Today, I'm an experienced professional and qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and I'm passionate about my work. I've helped hundreds of clients like you around the world transform their life by using a powerful combination of solution focused psychotherapy with hypnosis, creating lasting and positive changes to their life so the can reach their true potential.

How I help you achieve your goals


It's FREE and we use this time to see if we're a good fit, answer your questions and ensure hypnotherapy is the best approach to achieve your results.


Together we explore your needs and create a personalised treatment plan to achieve the changes you are looking for and we'll get started with individual sessions.


No more living with Anxiety and Stress, as you take control of your thoughts, you gain control over your feelings, actions and behaviours so you live life to the full.

How Does Online Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnotherapy works by combining solution focused talking therapy with hypnosis.
It’s a powerful way to help you overcome unwanted behaviours, habits and beliefs that hold you back. It allows you to
make new positive changes as you learn long lasting strategies that help you think clearly, feel so much better and regain control back over your life.
Watch the video below to learn more about how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works online.

Andrew explains what is solution focused hypnotherapy and how hypnosis works



During this call we will:

  • Talk about the problems you're experiencing
  • Explain how to overcome them
  • Tell you how hypnotherapy actually works
  • Explain the best treatment options
  • Answer all of your questions

Discover Your Emotional Health Score

Emotional health is an important part of your overall health.

This free emotional health check will assess the key areas that are essential to creating balance in your life and achieving a happier, calmer and more confident you.

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