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Results of Hypnotherapy

When you’re ready to take a step forward towards a brighter future, it’s only natural to find out more about the benefits and ask about the success rates of hypnotherapy.

136% improvement over 3 months in feelings of overall well being! Sound good?

What is the Success Rate of Hypnotherapy?

When you make an investment in your well being and recovery, it is only natural to ask about the benefits and success rate of hypnotherapy. One of the key factors of success will be dependant upon your desire and commitment to the therapeutic process and motivation for making changes in your life, in fact therapists should never guarantee success.

However, I am able to share some solid evidence which demonstrate the clear benefits of hypnotherapy to client’s well being as a result of our sessions together. In my practice all clients have the option of using the CPHT Outcomes and Research Project (CORP), which was developed by Matthew Cahill of the Clifton Hypnotherapy Training school.

At the end of each session clients have the option to rate themselves using an easy scale of 1 – 10 over seven key areas of life.

Each client is able to see their personalised journey and results straight away. As the outcome chart is updated at each session it means both the client and therapist can see real evidence of how things are progressing every session.

The good news is that CORP allows the anonymous data from every client that I have supported to be amalgamated on a single chart so I can share the effectiveness of the therapy provided in my practice.

CORP Client Progess Data

Client results are amalgamated from those who have opted into the project. The vertical scale displays total points scored by client and the horizontal scale shows the number of sessions.

The hortizontal blue line represents the scores for an average person in terms of emotional wellbeing. Scores below this suggest a person is using more primitive, negative and emotional thinking powered by the limbic (flight, fight, freeze) system to cope with everyday life. Above the line indicates they are using more of the positive, calm, rational and problem-solving thought processes available in the sophisticated left frontal cortex of the brain.

Change Achieved Data

This data shows that on average clients saw around 136% improvement in their feelings of overall wellbeing in just under 3 months of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. It’s always very rewarding to help people transform their mental well being so they can move forward and gain a more fulfilling life and career. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is very much a collaborative processs where we focus on the positive changes that are most important to you without dwelling on past problems. Find out more about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works here


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Sessions

Using Zoom for virtual hypnotherapy sessions couldn’t be easier. Once we’ve agreed a time for your session, you’ll just need a reliable internet connection and a quiet comfortable place to relax. Zoom is very similar to Skype, you’ll receive a link for your session, which you click and follow to join your session.

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