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Support their health and happiness with solutions that boost performance and resilience


Andrew is passionate about helping people transform their mental wellbeing and gain a more fulfilling life and career.


We provide business owners and their teams with practical knowledge and strategies to begin creating positive changes.


Do more to support the health and happiness of your team. Boost morale and productivity with ongoing support for groups and individuals.

Before a person is off sick with stress related illness
the negative impact on productivity can be up to 60%.

Work is one of the biggest causes of stress in people's lives. Stress can stop people showing up, performing at their best or reaching their true potential.

Many business owners and employers now realise that investing in their employees wellbeing is vital not just to reduce their absence rates but also because they recognise that nurturing a positive culture around mental health and providing the right support helps prevent and protect their workforce creating a happier, more productive and healthier business.

According to HSE an estimated 38.8 million working days were lost due to work related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries in 2019/20.

Stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 17.9 millions days and musculoskeletal disorders accounted for 8.9 million days. On average each employee took 17.6 days off work and the statistics show that on average 21.6 working days were lost when it came to stress, depression or anxiety.

So good mental health across the business is vitally important in reducing the losses suffered from Absenteeism. For many businesses, presentism continues to be a challenge creating an ongoing loss in productivity and negative impact to the working environment as people continue to attend but don’t work in an effective way.

Boost Performance

We help your team learn strategies to manage stress, sleep better and importantly understand how their brain works so they can begin to elevate their performance and enjoy a more rewarding life and career ensuring your business continues to succeed.

Our initial training begins the process and subsequent programmes are designed to deliver results in three keyways:

  • Restore - strategies to reduce stress and build more resilience by learning how to use the brain in a more powerful and helpful way whilst improving the ability to relax and sleep better.
  • Empower - build confidence in strengths and skills again and letting go of limiting beliefs that hold you back so you can focus and be more productive
  • Enhance - with practice and repetition, learn how to integrate changes into your life to improve your performance, see results and make an impact.

We provide an initial talk, designed to kick start the process of improving your mindset which can include important topics for your business, such as managing change, uncertainty, challenging customers or self-discipline. Subsequent support and programmes provide support at a deeper level to create lasting positive changes for your team and business.

Andrew has given me the tool kit to deal with all that life throws at me, I now better understand how the brain works, and why certain things make me feel or react the way I do. This understanding really helped me change my perspective and outlook on life - thank you.

CD, Surrey

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